About Us

K Ranch was opened fall of 2013 when we, the Kvidt Family, purchased the property. Kezzie, Josh and our 3 kids Alyssa, Camaron and Savannah call K Ranch home. 

Our barn is a little piece of heaven where horses, chickens, cats, adults and kids roam and enjoy each others company. Our horses enjoy a wonderful balanced life of play time during turnout and coming in to be fed, trained and enjoyed. The atmosphere is all about growth, learning and experiencing the journey horses take us on with support from others when we are stuck or need help. 

Opportunities at our barn include a show team, 4-H club, lessons and trainer when you need a little help. We have a great indoor arena, wash area, free trailer parking, and a growing number or jumps and trail obstacles to work with.

Set up a visit with us today to talk about your dreams, needs and how we can be a part of your horse journey.

Find Joy In The Journey

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  1. Kezzie Kvidt
    Owner, Barn Manager, Trainer and Instructor
Our barn manager, trainer and instructor, Kezzie, began her riding career in middle school riding at an Arabian show barn. She moved on to exhibiting Tennessee Walking horses as a youth rider for a local equestrian, and showing an arabian in OHA and OFEA open show organizations. That lead to adopting and training a BLM mustang, followed by purchasing her own Tennessee Walking horse and training him from the ground up. They earned many awards and championships together in western pleasure and saddleseat at open breed shows as well as some Tennessee Walking Horse breed shows. This journey then moved into western dressage successes. We now own, train and show multiple POA ponies and show successfully in the Oregon Family Equestrian Activities open horse show organization, the Pony of Americas breed circuit, the Quarter Pony Association and 4-H. We show in areas such as Showmanship, English and Western Pleasure, English and Western Equitation, Show Trail, low level Jumping and Gaming. 

Kezzie comes from multiple training and barn managing experiences. It started with managing a small boarding facility when owners were away. Followed by being the program and barn manager of The Children's Farm Home Therapeutic Riding Program for four and a half years. Kezzie took a year off to raise her family while doing part time training and lessons at Gradin Arabians before purchasing K Ranch in 2013. Kezzie comes from a lifetime of teaching youth and has a passion for teaching. 
  1. Kvidt Family
    Josh and our kids Alyssa, Camaron and Savannah
Our family moved to K Ranch in 2013. We love raising our family in the country and providing our kids with so many opportunities. You will find the whole family helping with chores and the horses, wether that be feeding, cleaning stall, fixing thing or bringing horses in and out of the fields. Signs of kids, laughter, playing, and toys can be found all around the ranch. Josh does not ride often but is out in the barn helping out often and plays an important role keeping K Ranch running strong.