We Offer Top Quality Full Care Boarding
Our philosophy is that horses do best with a routine in their daily lives, as well as time to work and time to play. We chose to only offer full care so that the horses can all be on the same predictable schedule. They all get fed breakfast in the morning, turned out for 4 to 6 hours during the day and brought back to their stall for dinner at night. 
Full Care Board costs $360 per month

Am and Pm feeding of grain consisting of a combo of dry COB and Equis Element

Dynamite Vitamins

Valley Grass hay Am and Pm (unless not on grass turnout then also at noon)

Stalls cleaned regularly (usually 7 days per week) and includes bedding pellets.

Daily Turnout (pastures and smaller turnouts, some in groups, some individual)

120x60 Indoor Arena

Trailer Parking

Wash Area

Tack Room

We use fly predators to assist in fly control

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